I’ve created this page so others who have lost loved ones can share their own tributes, be it a photo, poem, story, or anything else that honors the deceased.  If you have something to share, e-mail me at or tag me on Instagram or Mirakee @autumndragonfire .

Since I’m just starting out and no one has submitted anything yet, I’ll get the ball rolling with a poem I wrote for Mom when she first passed…


I knew the day would come
The day your eyes would not open
The day your heart would stop beating
I knew the day would come
Your body would fail you
Your mind would give in
I knew the day would come
I wouldn’t be able to call you
Wouldn’t be able to hug you
I knew one day I wouldn’t be able
To tell you how much I love you
I just wish I’d known 
That day would be today