I’ve been writing since second grade when I had a poem published for Mother’s Day in the local newspaper.  My family continued to encourage me my entire life to pursue writing, which I did.  Never formally, although I did self-publish a novella — which we will not discuss at all under any circumstances, *ahem* — when I was 18.  Believe it or not, my parents never actually insisted that I have something to fall back on if writing didn’t work out.  I think they saw me writing every day, revising, making up new stories, and figured, “She’s got this.”  The truth was, though, I didn’t “have it.”  The older I got, the more I strayed from writing — not because I didn’t love it, and not because I still didn’t have that burning passion inside me to become a writer, but because I felt like nothing I wrote was worth publishing.  I read books of my favorite authors — Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark, and a slew of others — and thought, “I can never come close to that.”  My heart sank, my embarrassment grew, and I shoved my stories into the darkest corner of my room never to see the light of day again.  I continued to write, but only for my own eyes.

I married in 2008 and worked about two years for a newspaper, but eventually left when the owner had financial problems and stopped paying me.  After that, I worked for a lawyer.  After a year or so doing that, I had some medical issues that forced me to stop working for a couple years.  In 2010 I started working as a legal transcriptionist from home since we only had one car and my husband worked long hours.

We separated in 2013 and divorced the middle of the following year, and that was when I knew I needed to do something different.  I started cosmetology school later that year and graduated 2015 and I have now worked at a salon for a little over a year while continuing to do the transcription on the side.

But… the itch to write has never left me.  I still intend on finishing the novel that has plagued me since college and going on to write more following that, but right now, my focus is going to be keeping this blog updated and running smoothly along with the support of my family, my boyfriend of two and a half years, and of course the love of my Boston Terrier who is basically what gets me up in the morning (literally… he pushes against the bed and barks until I get up.)